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Trauma Informed
Resiliency Academy

Our mission is to provide trauma-based training services to BIPOC communities, professionals, and organizations. We provide quality support through education and through the use of evidence-based theories and practices.



  • To increase the use of evidence-based approaches in providing services to BIPOC communities, professionals and organizations

  • To address trauma training gaps and increase accredited trauma training in BIPOC communities

  • To ameliorate the impact of ACEs, generational and historical trauma, and other health disparities in community care 

  • To offer courses required to become certified traumatologists through the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology 

  • To offer cutting-edge information and training that promotes the bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to health and  wholeness across the spectrum of traumatology

What We Offer


Green Cross Trainings


Certified Trauma Coach


Trauma Behavioral Health Specialist


Diplomate of Traumatology


Trauma Chaplaincy

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