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All accredited T.I.RA. courses will be provided through the College of Clinical Care ™. The trauma trainings are for all professionals and organizations dedicated to expanding their knowledge in the field of psychological trauma within their careers. CCC will be providing training across the spectrum of traumatology crafts, including Certified Trauma Coach ™, Trauma Behavioral Health Specialist ™, Diplomate of Traumatology ™, Trauma Chaplaincy ™, and more.

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Certified Trauma Coach ™

A Certified Trauma Coach ™ is a competent practitioner of traumatology.  Utilizing the holistic health and bio-psycho-social-spiritual approaches, participants will be able to apply related trauma skills to activate efficacy and restore optimal functioning for individuals and communities.


Trauma Behavioral Health Specialist ™

A Trauma Behavioral Health Specialist ™ is a professional with a graduate degree (or higher) dedicated to a concentration within the field of traumatology.  Participants will be able to demonstrate proficiency in evidence-based practices toward supporting and treating traumatized individuals and communities.



Diplomate of Traumatology ™

A Diplomate of Traumatology ™ is a credentialed expert in their specialization within the field of traumatology.  Diplomates are subject matter experts, educators, trainers, consultants, and supervisors. Participants will demonstrate specialization and expertise utilizing evidence-based practices across the spectrum of traumatology crafts. 


Trauma Chaplaincy ™

A Trauma Chaplain is a board-certified, spiritual care expert in the application of bio-psycho-social-spiritual health care.  Trauma chaplains demonstrate expertise in providing individual counseling, group counseling, and conducting spiritual assessments. 

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