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Lisseth London

As a native Panamanian and Spanish speaker, Dr. Lisseth London has obtained both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. Her passion to understand the effects of trauma cross-culturally led her to obtain a PhD in International Psychology, with a Trauma Service emphasis.  Dr. London also holds certifications/accreditations as  ACEs master trainer, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, Certified Traumatologist,  Field Traumatologist, Certified Human Trafficking Victims Service Provider, and Academy of Certified Social Worker. 

Dr. London is a proud bilingual international trauma specialist, human rights activist, and Traumatologist.  Dr. London has taken the call and mission to create a platform for communities, professionals, and organizations to obtain quality training that highlights their needs through the implementation of trauma focused work.  Dr. London is dedicated to working with communities facing traumatic experiences, such as: human trafficking & exploitation, women and children violence, immigration/migration, socioeconomic hardship, environmental tragedies, and racial barriers among BIPOC groups. Dr. London continues to collaborated with organizations throughout the USA, Ghana, Mexico, Canada, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Gambia, and more. Dr. London is also a board member of The Entity Haven servicing BIPOC trafficked victims in Houston, TX; Board of Advisor as a Behavioral Trauma Consultant servicing trafficked and exploited individuals from IDP camps for the House of Hilkiah Foundation, in Nigeria; Board Member for Laurel Crowned Women  supporting professional women facing life’s transitions while they invest in their personal well-being.


Dr. London is passionate and diligent in her work to collaborate with organizations, as well professionals to further their trauma training through the traumatology spectrum as they continue to address the internal/external triggers that highlight the landmines both in their clients and staff face.


Xavier Justice

Xavier Justice honorably served in the United States Army.  He holds a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (licensure track), a Certificate in Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary, a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard University, and is presently matriculating in the Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling degree with a cognate in traumatology. Mr. Justice is a board-certified chaplain and an ordained minister with over thirty years of experience in various ministry capacities.
Mr. Justice is a mental health chaplain and a chaplain trainer and supervisor. He is also a  Diplomate of Traumatologist, a Certified Community Health Worker Instructor and supervisor, a Mental Health and Substance Peer Support and Recovery trainer and supervisor, and a national Mental Health First Aid instructor with the National Council for Behavioral Health. Mr. Justice is a Master Clinical Traumatologist, a national Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trainer with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and a subject matter expert in trauma and disaster psychology. Xavier believes in serving the BIPOC community and its professionals by establishing an organization that supports education and training across the spectrum of the field of traumatology.

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