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Providing accreditation and recognition to experts in the field of traumatology 

​A Diplomate of Traumatology™ is a credentialed expert in their specialization within the field of traumatology.  Diplomates are subject matter experts, educators, trainers, consultants, researchers, and supervisors. Diplomates have demonstrated specialization and expertise utilizing evidence-based practices across the spectrum of traumatology crafts. 

Accreditation & Certification

  • The Diplomate of Traumatology ™ was established to bridge a gap in the field of traumatology by providing recognition to experts and specialists who have demonstrated their expertise through service, education, research, consultation, supervision, work, etc. 

  • Members that hold the Diplomate of Traumatology ™ will join a network of expert professionals who have dedicated their work to enhancing the field of trauma. 


  • T.I.R.A. seeks to create and maintain endorsement-equivalence partnership with federally based and recognized organizations dedicated to enhancing the field of traumatology.

  • T.I.R.A.  will appropriately advertise each collaborative agreement on our website and marketing materials.  

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