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  • Has advanced degree in counseling, mental health, psychology, public health, social work, chaplaincy, and related professions

  • Has a minimum of 15 years of direct service experience providing trauma related services

  • Has demonstrated an extension knowledge of traumatology research

  • Has acquired and achieved proficiency in the neurosciences

  • Has master level knowledge in Adverse Childhood Experiences, Adverse Community Environments, and Adverse Climate Events

  • Has demonstrated proficiency in the 5 crafts across the trauma spectrum

  • Has established mastery in administering, supervising, educating and training in at least evidence based modalities and interventions

  • Has demonstrated capabilities as an educator, mentor, supervisor, and trainer

  • Has received acknowledgement by recognized national and international trauma organizations

Levels of Certification

The Dreyfus Model: 5 Levels of Skill Acquisition 

trauma cert timeline  (12 × 14 in) (10 × 10 in) (1) resend.png
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